Responsible Gambling

The following are suggestions which will ensure responsible gambling and therefore make gambling an enjoyable recreational activity rather than a difficult and stressful one. These tips will help you, the player, to avoid situations that increase the likelihood of losing money and increase your gambling capabilities and therefore increase the possibility of winning.

When to Gamble

The first step to responsible gambling is knowing when to gamble. It is highly recommended not to gamble alone because it is sometimes difficult to see and judge your own state of mind when you are caught inside a situation. It is advisable to go to the casino with a group of people or with at least one person that you know and trust such as acquaintances or a relative because this will give both participants a subjective eye to keep watch on their state of mind and their actions. By bringing someone whom you trust to tell you the truth, you decrease your chances of exceeding your monetary capabilities.

Do Not Mix Gambling with Drinking

It is not recommended to gamble drunk because it will decrease your awareness and therefore make you less of an alert and successful player. Drinking decreases your chances of winning because you are not as sharp as you should be to make the critical decisions gambling requires. In fact, part of the reason many casinos give out complimentary drinks is to decrease the chance of players winning against the house dealer whose job it is to remain alert.

Learn How to Play

Once you have entered the casino one of the most important strategies to winning and keeping money is knowing how to play the game, both the specific game you decide to play and the casino’s game. When picking a specific game it is important to know and comprehend all aspects of that game. Do not place bets on games where you are unsure of the rules. In playing the casino’s game it is important not to fall into the trap of being overly confident of your capabilities or succumbing to greed. The casinos rely on this in order to get money back from winners, but if you quit while you are ahead and walk away from the table with more money than you came with, you have automatically won. If you are spending the day or a significant amount of hours of your day at a casino it is crucial to give yourself a recess away from the hustle and bustle of the casino floor to rest your mind. This will keep you focused and sharp when you return to the tables or to the slots.

Money Management

In order to keep your gambling habits recreational and fun it is very important that before you even step into the casino that you decide exactly how much money you can afford to throw away, just in case you lose. Once you have decided on an amount do not exceed it and to decrease the chances of going over your budget make sure you only bring that amount with you, in cash, to the casino. Do not bring debit cards, checks or any other form of payment with you because you may be tempted to use them and therefore go over your spending capabilities. By bringing the money you can afford to spend with you and sticking to your limit you are ensured not to fall into the habit of gambling away money you do not have.

Do Not Brag

It is wise when you are on a winning streak to not brag about it and to make the highest effort to bring as little attention to yourself as possible. The rationale behind this is not to remain humble, but simply to keep your winnings and your success out of the public eye. You never know who the other people in the casino may be and what their intentions could be. It is best to keep all attention and especially negative attention away from you and your earnings because they may want to steal it or swindle it from you and even in extreme cases attempt to do you physical harm in order to get your money.

Steps to Take If You Think You Have a Problem

There are numerous sources of help if you believe yourself to have a gambling problem. Of course, you will need to first of all be honest and accept that you have a problem with it. Once you do this, you need to proceed with confronting the problem head on and then doing something about it. Don’t feel like it’s something that you need to keep to yourself, because seeking out help from others is a necessary part of tackling the problem.

For additional help, there are multiple online sites that can provide you with information, numbers to call, people to contact and more. These include independent help services like: GamCare, Gamblers Anonymous, GambleAware, National Problem Gambling Clinic.