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Please recall the fact that the terms “us” and “we” used in the terms section refers strictly to Bonus'N'Play, while the term “you” refers strictly to the user.


All the content used on this website is owned by us. Copying and using the materials present on the site is not acceptable and a copyright infringement is punishable by English law, it being camouflaging it as your own, posting it on a blog or site, use it for information or updates to use on your portal and forum.


Bonus'N'Play functions as an aggregator and does not handle or is liable in any given form for any sort of complains that you might have with any of the listed operators or casinos. To solve any sort of disputes that are related to your experience with any casinos please contact the casino’s support team and consult our responsible gambling guide.

Information and accuracy of bonuses listed

Neither Bonus'N'Play or any third party that might be implicated take any responsibility for the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness and suitability of the information and materials found on this site. The presented information on the site are subject to subjectivity and personal opinions as well as human error, therefore keep a critical eye on the information provided.

We do take pride in the accuracy and objectivity of the information that we provide our players with. However, we advise the players to read carefully the casino’s terms and conditions for the bonuses present on this site prior to any registration or deposits.

Linking to Bonus'N'Play

You might link to our site, but only in a fair and legal manner that does not threatens or damages our reputation. Bonus'N'Play reserves the right to withdraw at any times it finds necessary without any notice the linking permission.

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Due to the character of the site, bonus aggregator, you will come across a large amount of external links. However, we do not accept responsibility and we have no control over the content of those links, even though they are directly accessible from our pages. Bonus'N'Play does not accept any responsibility for the content or otherwise that is featured on those sites. Please bear in mind that Bonus'N'Play has no direct access to that content and no ability to alter any of the information that are present on those links.